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Accounting and tax filing in Spain

At SpainCorp, we have developed our own unique in-the-cloud accounting software.

  • 100% digital: If you send an export from your own software, why should you pay extra based on the number of entries? Our software engineer makes sure data flows efficiently from your company to ours, without errors from entering data manually.
  • Transparency: You can see all the entries online -- no more arguing at year-end with your accountant about why your figures are different from theirs.
  • Service in English: Our three in-house accountants ALL speak English, so you will receive personal service in your language.

    We are experts in performing accounting for companies with foreign clients and providers. We are certified by the tax authorities and by the social security office to send all documents electronically, cutting down on time and costs. All tax forms filed for your company will appear in your client area, as well as balance sheets and profit & loss statements. Want to find out exactly how much you spent on a supplier? Since all your data is online, you can produce reports such as this at any time.

    With an SL, you are required to do accounting and present various quarterly and annual tax forms. You must also present your annual accounts at the mercantile registry.

    Changes to the Spain GAAP regulations were instituted recently to bring the system more into line with accounting systems in the other EU countries. Note that accounting for your SL must conform to Spanish GAAP; you may not perform accounting using UK or USA GAAP.

    Hire our accounting service today. If you already have an accountant, we will take care of the transition at no additional cost. Contact us for a quote.